One of the goals of IESC is to help provide a hope for the future for the people we live and work among. We actively invest in future leaders by promoting education at all levels of society. We trust that this investment of time and resources will lead these communities to set the standards for their countries and lead them towards a bright tomorrow.


Teacher Training

IESC has offered annual training clinics for primary school teachers since 2003. We partner with local government officials in the Ministry of Education and provide these clinics as a way to continue the education process for these educators. These clinics provide training in various core subjects such as English, Science, and Math. They are foundational in creating a positive learning atmosphere for primary school students and provide these teachers with new strategies and methods to use in their classrooms.  By investing in teachers there is a greater and longer lasting impact on the community because the teachers are the ones who are shaping the minds of the leaders of tomorrow.


Adult Education

As our EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students often say, “English is an international language.”  Recognizing that English skills can help adults improve their lives through better jobs and higher education, we began an EFL school for adults over eleven years ago.  Now in two locations, we offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses for Kiswahili speakers.  In these classes, we teach both speaking and writing skills. The goal of these classes is not only to improve our students’ language skills, but also to encourage them and model a positive outlook on life.

The following quotes come from former EFL students:

“Before studying English at IESC, I could only get a job cleaning at International School of Zanzibar.  Now, after two years, I am a teaching assistant at ISZ.  I help children with their phonics, English, and reading skills!  The people at IESC are amazing teachers and wonderful people. They have changed the lives of so many people.  They made me believe in myself again.  They will always have a place in my heart.”  –Tahiya, Zanzibar

“I.E.S.C. not only provides English education for us but helps us improve 
our futures.”  –Mbarouk, Tanzania


Educational Competitions

One of the keys to learning is motivation. IESC seeks to motivate students to learn by making learning fun. One of the ways we do this is by organizing educational competitions for our students. These competitions not only encourage students to learn, but they give the students opportunities to apply the knowledge they have as well as build social skills like team-work and public speaking. For these competitions, we partner with local organizations and the Ministry of Education to sponsor debates, quizzes, symposiums, and essay competitions. These activities make learning fun and enable students to gain the confidence they need to succeed.

An example of one such educational competition organized by IESC is the 2010 Inter-school Quiz Competition. Together with the National Museums of Kenya and the Ministry of Education, we organized a quiz competition for 18 primary schools in a rural district in Kenya. The event was judged a success by all involved. The students were the ultimate benefactors receiving not only education and prizes for their hard work, but also an invaluable experience.


Educational Resources

IESC seeks to provide educational resources for primary and secondary schools in Africa. These resources have included educational and reference books for students and teachers, as well as educational videos that can be shown during class. IESC has also provided exams to help students practice and prepare for upcoming national examinations.


AIDS and HIV Educational Workshops

Local community groups as well as secondary students have benefited from IESC sponsored AIDS/HIV Educational Workshops. These workshops have focused on helping participants envision and attain a happy and healthy future. Facilitators conduct sessions that are informative, entertaining, culturally relevant, and strategic in helping participants achieve their life goals.